Hi im Keisha Hadorn. this is my new website. this post is an all about me. Im half black, white, and japanese. i was born in Japan in July, 11, 1998. i have a dog and 5 pet Degus. my favorite color is pink, i play the Japanese taiko drums and soccer and practice volleyball with the high school, im in the 6th grade. you can email me at kmh0711@ezweb.ne.jp. or my cell phone or gaggle. my website is http://keisharocks.yolasite.com you may already know me as a friend or have seen me around. i also love reading the Warrisor series. you can find them at www.Warriorcats.com. this website is a friendly wesite you may comment on blog or email me you can make your own website at www.yola.com also i have my on account on www.youtube.com my account is keekei thank you.