Maniac Magee summary

December 3, 2009
Maniac is staying with the Mcnabs and their house is filthy and crawling with bugs and roaches, on maniacs morning jog
he runs into Mars Bars , Magee goes to the Pickwells house and brings along Mars Bars. Magee told Mars Bars that he wasn't a tough kid. when Maniac left the trolley brige Rusell got scared and Mars Bars saves him.

Major Events for Maniac Magee

December 3, 2009
  1. Maniac gets mad at Piper and Rusell for kicking his glove
  2. Magee gets invited to Pipers Birthday
  3. Mars Bars saves Rusell
  4. Maniac invited Mars Bars to the pickwells house
  5. Magee stayed with the Mcnabs
  6. Amanda told Mars Bars were Jeffery was.
  7. Maniac went into the Finsterwalds backyard
  8. Maniac stays at valley forge
  9. Maniac runs into Mars Bars on his morning jog

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